Authentic Italian Sandwiches, Salads, Coffees, & Treats
from Our Kitchen to Your Plate


Oven Roasted Italian Specialty Sandwiches

All meats slow roasted to perfection

Porchetta - $10.95

Succulent Berkshire pork belly with crispy skin and provolone cheese

VespuccI - $9.95

Roasted turkey, crispy bacon, Skappo tangy apricot spread, sharp provolone cheese, Lettuce, Tomato

Rustica - $9.95

Angus beef meatloaf, brie, savory apple plum spread, crispy onions

Americano - $9.95

All natural roasted turkey, butternut squash spread, cranberry sauce, provolone cheese

Roma - $9.95

Roasted chicken, sun-dried tomato, olives, provolone cheese

Parma - $9.95

Prosciutto di parma, tangy goat cheese, Skappo classic fig spread, balsamic glaze, mesclun greens

Bongusto - $9.95

Sweet sopressa salame, black olives imported basil pesto, local fresh mozzarella, mesclum greens

Caprese (veg) - $8.95

Fresh Tomatoes, imported basil pesto, local fresh mozzarella, mesclum greens

SIRACUSA (VEG) - $8.95

Imported Yellowfin tuna, black olives, cucumbers, mayo, mesclun greens

From the Garden

Salads made fresh with mixed greens

Italiano - $10.95

Glazed walnuts, crumbled gorgonzola cheese, dried cranberries - Add chicken $2.00

TORINO - $12.95

Roasted chicken, crispy bacon, tart dried cherries, tangy goat cheese

Siciliano - $12.95

Imported Yellowfin tuna, caperberries, black olives, crushed almonds

Francese - $11.95

Roasted turkey, brie, imported dried apricots, sunflower seeds

Caprese - $9.95

Fresh tomatoes, local fresh mozzarella, black olives, imported basil

House made vinaigrettes

Balsamic vinaigrette, Lemon vinaigrette, Apricot vinaigrette, fig-gorgonzola vinaigrette

Soups & Combos

Small SOup - $4.95

Large SOup - $5.95

SOup and half salad or half sandwich (add $4.00)

Make it a Meal (add $3.00)

Add chips, soft drinks and sparkling waters

Skappo Caffé

Americano, Espresso, Cafe Latte, Cappucino, Tiramisu Latte, House made Biscotti and Cannolis
Merkato Bake Sale

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Skappo Merkato

Come, escape with us to celebrate together culture, friends and life! Enjoy the foods of Italy, with old friends or new ones! Toast with us "perche la vita e' bella e la vogliamo vivere sempre piu!' because life is beautiful, and we want to live every moment!
-The Sincavage Family


Visit Skappo's Around the corner at 59 Crown Street for traditional Umbrian food served along with Italian wines, café and house made Italian specialty desserts and pastries. And for handmade fashion and apparel by Anna visit the La Bottega website or visit the shop located within Skappo's restaurant.